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Animated Toys II

  • Manufactured by: Judy Lynn Software

Price: $49.00

Animated Toys II is comprised of 26 segments, each containing a toy animated on the computer screen. The toys are activated by the single press of a switch, mouse click, or the keyboard "enter" key. The toys incorporate cause & effect skills, increasing attention span, visual tracking, and focusing on objects. Animation speeds, background music preferences, prompt images, and audio prompts are saved on a student level. The beauty of this program is that you get 26 switch activated toys that never break. The program works with switches, a mouse click, a touch window, or the computer keyboard.

The program is comprised of the following 26 animated toys:

Spin & Listen - Animals
Cobbler's Bench
Busy Box
Story Book
Toy Cars
Pop-up Letters
2 Toy CD Players - Children/Teens
Toy Trains
Putting Rings on a Peg
Jack in the Box
Dominoes Falling
Mr. Tomato Head
Spin & Listen - Musical Instruments
Blocks - Building a House
Music Box - Instrumental
Pop-up Numbers
Toy Airplanes
Penguin Slide
Pinball Machine

K-12 customers: get a classroom license for $125.