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Dollars and Cents Software

  • Model: DO-07
  • Manufactured by: Attainment Company

Price: $99.00

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Dollars and Cents is a three program bundle featuring First Money, Spending Money, and Making Change.

First Money is the first step in independent money skills. Students learn that a quarter equals two dimes and a nickel and a ten dollar bill equals two fives. Voice prompts and graphics cue users to move through these segments: Money Names, Equal Value and What’s It Worth?

Spending Money: features shopping and exercise options. When shopping students browse through 8 stores and buy products like sweaters and softdrinks. Teachers can determine the types of coins and bills presented to students.

Making Change: lets students function like any store clerk, entering the cash received on a keypad and giving change back from an on-screen cash drawer.

Dollars and Cents randomly generates hundreds of purchasing situations and makes an excellent vocational training and applied math program.

K-12 customers: get a 5 computer license for $249.

System requirements: Win/Mac CD, touch screen, single switch and IntelliKeys compatible. Windows 98. ME, 2000, XP OS 8.6-9.2, OS X Classic, OS X Native.