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Partner Plus/Stepper

  • Model: P1S
  • Manufactured by: AMDi

Price: $165.00

The Partner One/Stepper is a single-panel augmentative and alternative communication device with a stepping feature that enables the user to record a sequence of messages for up to a total time of 60 seconds.

This is especially useful to users with a limited reach or range of motion. The Partner One/Stepper can be set in reverse mode to step backwards in sequence. It can also be set in repeat mode to continually repeat any single message stored. A reset function can be used to restart from the beginning.

Partner Plus/Stepper Features:

* “Real-Voice” high quality audio reproduction
* Light-weight and very portable
* One input jack for external switches
* One output jack to control toys, appliances, etc.
* Record and playback multiple messages in sequence on a light-touch membrane panel
* Standard message length of 60 seconds total
* Square picture size of 3.5 in.