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  • Model: XPPlus-1
  • Manufactured by: AMDi

Price: $88.00

The Partner/Plus is a single message communication device that easily interlocks with other Partner Plus's to create multi-message communicators. Start with single message communicator and add on a skills are acquired. An elevated platform and a slot for objects or picture cards makes the Partner/Plus a great tool for teaching object discrimination. The Partner/Plus's new housing design has a low profile in the front that allows messages to be activated with the slightest movement enabling the user to playback a single recording of up to 30 seconds in length.

Partner/Plus Features:

* “Real-Voice” high quality audio reproduction
* Light-weight and very portable
* One output jack is provided for external connections to control toys, appliances, etc.
* One input jack is provided for switch access
* Record and playback 1 message with a light touch
* Standard message length of 30 seconds total
* Picture size of 3.5" x 4"