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Smart/128 Bundle Kit

  • Model: SM128x6 BUNDLE
  • Manufactured by: AMDi

Price: $1,620.00

The Smart/128 Bundle includes

* Smart/128 Communication Device
* Key Guards for Smart/128 (4,8,16,32 & 128 locations)
* 6 Thematic Overlays
* External Flash with pre-recorded voices to match overlays
* Carrying Case
* Resources CD with Tech/Overlay Designer & Tech/Syms

The Smart/128 augmentative and alternative communication device features 128 locations that allow for more extensive communication.

This new device features a transparent top grid which can be easily removed. With the grid, the Smart/128 is a standard static 128 location AAC device. Without the grid, Smart/128 can be used for pictorial communication. This key feature brings an added level of versatility to our new device.

Smart/128 Features:

• Record and playback 128 messages per level on a light-touch membrane panel
• 6 levels for up to 768 independent messages
• 2.25 seconds per message = 1,728 seconds (28.8 minutes)
• Smart Overlay System 1-6 levels
• Interchangeable FLASH memory (30 minutes each)
• “Real-Voice” high-quality audio reproduction
• “Time-Lock” recording control technology
• Light-touch water resistant membrane panel
• Light-weight and portable (shoulder strap included)
• Removable Top grid for easy cleaning
• Screw secured battery door for tamper resistant operation
• Rear mounted volume and level controls
• Low battery indicator light
• Rechargeable battery
• External speaker and record jacks for increased flexibility
• Smart Overlay System that can be easily created with Tech/Overlay Designer
• Tech/Overlay Designer included
• Handle for easy carrying
• Interchangeable FLASH memory (30 minutes each)