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SOLO combines all the proven, industry-standard interventions from Don Johnston Incorporated – Co:Writer®, Draft:Builder®, and Write:OutLoud® – and introduces Read:OutLoud®.
SOLO is a completely integrated reading and writing solution to differentiate instruction and assist in the learning process. SOLO helps teachers present grade-level curriculum to students of differing abilities with guided support for reading comprehension and structured models for writing.

Learning needs in today's classrooms are more diverse than ever. Yet in this age of accountability, learning expectations are identical for all students. Research shows that keys to success involve leveraging individual strengths while supporting every student as they build skills for long-term achievement. SOLO builds skills independently by helping students practice research-based reading and writing strategies in curriculum coursework. With SOLO supports, students turn these skills into life-long habits.

Read Strategically for Comprehension
The meaning of text does not reside in the words on a page. Meaning is constructed in the mind of the reader. Auditory support alone is not sufficient to construct meaning. Students need to learn and practice effective research-based reading strategies. Read:OutLoud is the only software program that includes research-based reading comprehension strategy guides so readers gain true understanding of concepts in social studies, science and language arts. 

For struggling writers, transforming thoughts into purposeful and coherent writing can be daunting. These students often lack critical strategies for collecting information, analyzing relevant ideas and organizing their writing. Using well-established research, education experts from the Education Development Center (EDC) partnered with Don Johnston Incorporated and created Draft:Builder to solve the problems of struggling writers. Draft:Builder is a powerful planning, organizing, and draft-writing program guides students through each step of the writing process.

Motivates Students to Compose, Revise, and Edit Independently
Research shows that struggling writers typically do not write enough to effectively communicate their message. After they finish composing, their revisions and edits have little impact on the text. Write:OutLoud improves student writing through simple and purposeful supports. Students produce more written work and self-assess their work more often.

Empower Written Self- Expression and Vocabulary
Most students have thoughts that are much richer than the words and sentences they create. For students who struggle to translate ideas into writing, Co:Writer provides industry standard Linguistic Word Prediction, FlexSpell, Topic Dictionaries and new vocabulary supports to narrow the gap between thoughts and written words. Now, students can effectively express ideas in writing, improve spelling and create coherent sentences.