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Test Me Score Me

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This testing and assessment program can revolutionize what we know about what our students have learned. Let our students show us what they know. Based on the popular My Own Bookshelf framework, you can make tests, matching activities as well as comprehension tests.

Test Me Score Me can accept many types of images, animated gifs, wav and mp3 sound files, QuickTime and AVI video, as well as recording your own sound and speech.

Student Goals
* Learn how to take tests
* Participation in classroom testing
* Participation in standards testing
* Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension

* Create yes/no and multiple choice tests with one to five answers to build students skills
* Use pictures, videos, speech and / or text in questions and / or answers to personalize the cognitive content
* Randomly presents answers each time a test is taken
* Select from 1 to 5 possible answers to help students increase choice making * Print tests for off computer use
* Universal access including switch use, mouse, touch screen and intelliKeys

System Requirements
Macintosh OSX
OSX 10.2 or above
800 MHz, 300 MB Disk
512 MB RAM

800 MHz, 300 MB Disk
512 MB RAM

Windows Vista
800 MHz, 300 MB Disk