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Mimio Pad 2

  • Manufactured by: Mimio

Price: $299.00

Mimio Pad is a wireless tablet. Add Mimio Pad to your current Mimio Interactive system and you can work with your interactive whiteboard content from anywhere in the classroom.

Maximize the Flexibility of Your Mimio System
With Mimio Pad, you are free to walk about the class or engage with students individually while maintaining command of the interactive lesson material as they move- up to 30 feet (10m) from the master computer. The large 8"X 6" working area gives easy access to Mimio tools and Studio 6 software functions to control interactive lessons. Mimio Pad is ideal for individual use and collaborative group work.

Set-up Simplicity
Requiring no special set up on your computer, Mimio Pad's wireless technology does not rely on line-of-sight and will not interfere with your existing WiFi network or other wireless devices such as Bluetooth. There's no software to install, just plug the small mimio wireless receiver into your computer's USB port and you're ready to go. The integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of wireless operation and Mimio Pad can also be USB charged.

Engineered for mimio Studio 11 Software
With 16 shortcut keys onboard, Mimio Pad gives fingertip access to the most commonly used Studio 10 software functions and tools including controlling multimedia content. Annotate, use tools, capture screen images and more - all as you work from around the room on Mimio Pad.

Adding the Mimio Pad wireless tablet to your Mimio Interactive system lets you and your students work together on interactive lessons, from any vantage point.

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