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MimioBoard Touch Board

  • Model: 1892101
  • Manufactured by: Mimio

Price: $1,550.00

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A touch board that offers collaborative learning and an unprecedented touch experience. With 6-point Touch 360° interactivity, up to six individuals can work together simultaneously at this easy-to-install board. Their control and touch experience will remain uninterrupted, no matter where they work on the board. Whether you chose the 78” or 87” model, you get a projection-optimized touch board with an erasable surface. That means your touch board can also be used as a conventional whiteboard.


More Touch Capability, More Collaboration


  • Includes MimioStudio™ classroom software, to easily create and deliver engaging lessons.

  • Up to 6 single-touch users or 3 dual-touch and gestures users can work together interactively at the same time, increasing student engagement and driving collaborative learning.

  • Lessons come to life in stunning quality on this projection-optimized Porcelain-on-Steel surface.

  • The lightweight touch board typically installs in less than 10 minutes with the included mounting brackets.

  • Completely integrated with other MimioClassroom™ products, including our MimioMobile™ app for collaboration and assessment.


    Easy-to-Use Collaborative Software


  • Create engaging interactive lessons with our easy-to-use MimioStudio software.

  • MimioStudio software is the power behind all MimioClassroom products, so there’s no need to learn a new application as you expand your tools.

  • Mimio software includes collaboration and assessment tools, making it easy to gauge and personalize student learning.

  • Multiple students can work together at the front of the classroom simultaneously, allowing easy collaboration.

  • 3 Free Mobile Connections let you connect up to three mobile devices using the MimioMobile app, allowing you to control the touch board from anywhere in the classroom.

    Touch technology designed to work the way you do


  • Engage multiple users in collaborative lessons or activities – with Touch 360° interactivity, up to six users can write above, below, or parallel to one another, with a smooth and consistent response.

  • Very intuitive use, with the familiar touch of mobile devices and gesture simplicity.

    Simple and Durable Design for Real Classroom Use


  • The highly erasable Porcelain-on-Steel surface means you don’t lose valuable work space, since the classroom-rugged touch board surface can handle conventional whiteboard activities.

  • Installation is easy and requires less manpower, due to the touch board’s lightweight design.


MimioBoard Touch Board (87") is also available - $1,900

For more info, contact Tom Caine, your local Mimio K-12 representative - 973-331-9100 or